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I have been making jewelry since 2011, but I have been involved in the creative process since my teens. I see the possibilities of beauty in all media, wire, stone, and clay. I approach the creative process from the materials point of view. Each ingredient tells me what it wants to be. Please let me
introduce you to my one of a kind, handcrafted artisan jewelry.

Upcoming shows:


     Marin Arts and Crafts Show
         August 6, 2021 -August 8,2021

              Embassy Suites Ballrooms
          101 McInnis, San Rafeal, CA
                  10AM - 6PM Daily

Walnut Creek Bead & Design Show
     August 20,2021 - August 22,2021

                 Crowne Plaza Hotel

     45 John Glenn Drive, Concord, CA

                    10AM - 6PM Daily